It’s posted, now just waiting on review

Today I went through the process of officially making my kickstarter for Hollow World. I need to document up my process and make it available, and will soon but I’m really happy with how it came out. It’s currently “waiting on review” and I hope that it goes live soon as I have a “hard stop date” and want to have enough time to get the word out about it.

Here is some ‘sneak peak information’

I put together my video – which was really lame at first. I think it got better by putting some of the ‘outtakes’ up front and trying to get me off screen as much as possible.

I also used the trailer I made at the same time. Using Microsoft Movie Maker Live was pretty easy once I got the hang of it. The music I used was very inexpensive (I think like $20 or something like that).

I’m trying to raise $3,000 to pay for Marc’s artwork and editing by Betsy Mitchell and some great copy editors. If we hit some of the stretch goals I’m going to also print copies of Marc’s work and ship them with the books (and to ebook people upon request once they give me an address).

I tried to make the contribution levels reasonable:

  • $2 – You get a screen saver and mention for being a contributor
  • $10 – ebook (all formats and DRM free
  • $25 – trade paperback + ebook
  • $75 – limited edition (250 copies) hardcover + ebook
  • $150 – a REALLY limited edition (50 copies and different cover) hardcover + trade paperback + ebook

The big thing that backers get is the book 6 – 7 months before the official release which is currently slated for Jan 20, 2014.  There are contractual considerations that prohibit me from self-publishing anything before then.

Of course, I’ll announce and provide a link as soon as the project goes live – I’m quite excited to see how it does!


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