Praise for Hollow World

“I’m happy to report that not only does Hollow World establish Sullivan as a force to be reckoned with in any genre he chooses to ply his talent to, it also is a prime example of one of the reasons speculative fiction is so important.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“This book made me laugh. It also made me cry. And in the end, it made me think. I highly recommend Hollow World for anyone looking for a book that brushes on and plays out some political and social issues we face today.” — N.E. White (SFFWorld)
“This is a clever and thought-provoking story, with loads of interesting ideas, some adrenalin-pumping action and plenty of humour…overall an entertaining read with Pax being one of my favourite characters of the year.” — Pauline M. Ross (Fantasy Review Barn)
“Hollow World is an excellent and thought provoking novel that tackles big issues yet does so in such a way to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions once they reach the end of this thoughtful, entertaining and compelling science fiction murder mystery.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“The writing flowed easy, and with an edge of humor, Hollow World was a pleasure to read…In the writing, Mr. Sullivan decided to poke several hot buttons. This fact raised my opinion of the book greatly.” — Jake Elliot (Jake Elliot Fiction)
“Hollow World is one of those old style science fiction books I never really expected to see again…It harkens back to the spirit of authors like H.G Wells, in a time where the genre is mostly space opera and military sci-fi…Hollow World is the sort of big idea science fiction I enjoy reading.” — Christopher Mansell (A Writer’s Side Quest)
“Sullivan questions our assumptions about our society as a whole that makes this one of the best novels, I’ve read this year.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“Sullivan’s “Hollow World” is a nice piece of classic science fiction from the well regarded fantasy author. It has the classic feel of a book by Edgar R. Burroughs with a taste of the futurism of Asimov…I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to the classic feel of science fiction with a socially sensitive context.” — Jeremy Scofield (ReadMill)
“I’ve been enjoying Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria fantasy novels for a couple of years so I was very interested to see his take on Time Travel SF. Good news, his hand with character and emotion carry over quite well. A novel that begins with sorrow and regret becomes a story of wonder and discovery that is at turns compelling and intriguing. Hollow World is set in a future barely recognizable from the world Ellis Rogers hopes to leave behind when he pushes the button on his home-made time machine. Inherit in time travel stories is how nothing ever goes as expected, and even with that ‘expectation’ Sullivan manages to spin a new tale. This one is turning out to be a real keeper.” — Rob H. Bedford (SFFWorld)
“If you are a fan of novels that leave you thinking about the world you live in and your place in it, or just a fan of character driven stories that aren’t afraid to take chances, then this is a book for you.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“This is social science fiction that H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov could have written, with the cultural touchstones of today. A modernized classic, Hollow World is the perfect novel for both new and nostalgic science fiction readers.” — Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review)
“I rate this book highly based on pure enjoyment factor; Hollow World is so many things, but without a doubt, the best part about it is also its most obvious duality: that is it at once a light and entertaining read, but also heavy on important issues and philosophy.” — Stephenie Sheung (Bibliosanctum )

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