Hollow World Extended Preview is Available


It may still be awhile until April 15th’s official release of Hollow World, but if you are anxious to find out what it is about, you can start reading it now. Tachyon Publications has finished their edits, and I’ve created an extended preview which contains the first four chapters of the book (66 pages).  The extended preview is FREE  on Amazon (US),  the ibookstore, and Kobo.  There are a few sites where I’ve not been able to get it available for free (and they are priced the lowest allowed in those cases.  But don’t buy them there…you can receive a copy just by emailing me with the subject: Hollow World Extended Preview.

I hope that people take me up on the free preview offer. It will give you a good feel for the book, and the hope of course is that if you like it enough, you’ll want to read the whole thing when it is officially released.  Also, if you have any feedback on the preview, please leave some comments on Amazon, Goodreads, or send me an email. I’m anxiously waiting to hear what people think about this book.

Has it really been six months?!

I’ve recently released my two Riyria Chronicle books, The Crown Tower (Aug 6) and The Rose and the Thorn (Sep 17). With that behind me it’s time to turn my attention to my next project: Hollow World!

Looking back, I can’t believe that the last time I posted to this blog was when the Kickstarter was still running. So much has happened since then. Today’s post will be a quick summary to catch everyone up so going forward I can be a little more current with what is going on. So let’s go.

  • The Kickstarter ended in an amazing success at over 1000% of goal!  There were some “back door contributions” for people who “just missed” so that more than 875 people got in on the fun raising more than $31,000.
  • Betsy and two copy editors did an exceptional job with the editing and I’m really please with how it came out.
  • Ebooks were sent out at the end of July to the eligible Kickstarter contributors
  • Screen savers and short stories went out in August
  • Books started shipping in September and they are almost all out. Hopefully this will be wrapped up in a few days.
  • I sold the print rights to Tachyon Publication – which is great because paper readers will be able to get the books in their local bookstores or libraries. As few authors get the coveted “print-only deal” this was a big thing for me.
  • I sold the audio rights to Recorded Books who have done such an amazing job with the Riyria Revelations. I can’t wait to hear what this book will sound like

That’s the quick summation that takes us from the last post to here. I’ll flesh out some of these points in more details as we go forward.  I’m very excited about Hollow World and I hope you will be too!