Hollow World Kickstarter has gone live!

Well I guess there is no going back now 😉

The Hollow World Kickstarter went live about 12 hours ago.  You can see it (and hopefully contribute) here.  I’ve not had a chance to “get the word out” yet (just a tweet and a mention on my goodreads group so far) but already I’m over 2/3 of my way to the $3,000 goal. I’m touched by the support of my readers, and I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed in the book once it is released.

I also got a nice email from Marc which said,

“If that could help you, for the highest bakers on Kickstarter, I’d like to offer an original drawing related to Hollow world. (a pencil work, or watercolor one of the characters of the book)”

What a generous gesture – Marc is the best.  I’m going to take him up on the offer (and I’ll add it to the project. The only thing I’m going to do is change it to be a “raffle” so that everyone who contributes has a chance at this.  The number of “entries” will be based on contribution so those that contribute more will have a better chance, but it also means that the artwork won’t necessarily go to the person with the deepest pockets.  I actually got that idea (of how to do the reward) from Mark Lawrence who is doing something similar for a charity fund-raising he is doing.

I’m also in the midst of putting together my “lessons learned” manual for other people to do their own Kickstarters in the future, and will be adding to it as the project continues.

Very exciting times!


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