Hollow World Book Trailer

It’s been probably 5 years or more since the last time I tried to make a book trailer.  A lot has changed since then and in general it is easier than it used to be, but still I had to learn some new tools.  My technique was to take some graphics from Marc Simonetti’s design and incorporate some music and headers.  Here is the result:

Please provide me any feedback to make it better.



2 thoughts on “Hollow World Book Trailer

  1. I’d like to see the address to sit there a little longer after the trailer itself, or perhaps post it with a link to this page. I had a long moment of “crap, what was that addy?” to get here, during which I had to rewind the video.

    Looking forward to reading it! Very pretty, it made me wish for a moment that it was going to be illustrated. The music is very nice, though the cut from “make it to”… “Hollow World” is somewhat abrupt and the second set of music is just a bit too loud (I leaned away from the speaker). Perhaps a second of a held note instead to ease the transition?

    Again, thanks!

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