A nice email to find

Yesterday I mentioned (on my Riyria blogsite) that audible added Hollow World to their Spring Preview 2014: The Best New Sci-Fi & Fantasy. That in and of itself is a great honor and enough to make me walking around on a high all day.  My email tends to be a bit of an excavation site and as such I miss some emails, so when I found this in my inbox, the news got even better because Hollow World got even more exposure.




It’s somewhat ironic, as when I wrote Hollow World my mindset was very much in the category of, “If no one ever reads this, I’ll still be happy, as I love the book and I’m satisfied simply by the journey I took writing it.” I still feel this way, but the irony comes from the fact that this book seems to be getting so much attention – which I never counted on. The reviews have been outstanding, and already more than 50 people have left reviews on Amazon. Writing a book is done in so much isolation, and it’s easy to forget about the whole new dimension it takes on when it’s let lose in the wild.  So as much as I enjoyed writing Hollow World, I’m also ecstatic about the reception it is getting. Creating stories is the best job in the world, but stories are best when shared with others, especially those who love them as much as you do.


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