Hollow World Cover Reveal

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly because I’ve been very busy. But I should note that everything is on schedule for the April 15th release. The printed books are on the press and the full cover is show here:


I also announced a pre-order campaign that will, among other things, get people copies of the book a month before its official release.  Here is a full list of perks for those that pre-order:

  • Free ebook for those that pre-order a print or audio version
  • ebook delivered March 15th, one month early
  • Early shipping of print books when ordered through my webpage
  • Signed bookmarks and bookplates
  • A free short story
  • A chance to win a Hollow World Poster

For those who want more details on the pre-order campaign and want to get in on these perks, full details can be found here.


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