Three months and counting…

It’s now exactly three months until Hollow World will be officially released.  How can time travel so fast and so so slow simultaneously? And yes and that was my lame attempt at time-travel humor…given Hollow World’s premise it seemed lie that was worth going for.

A lot is going on.  

  • Early reviews continue to come in from both bloggers and readers.  If you are one of the people who got Hollow World early, please consider leaving a review on Amazon  or Goodreads.  All I ask is that you are honest about your feelings on the book.
  • The narrator has been selected for the audio version.  More on this in an upcoming post.
  • We’ve finally standardized on the cover design. For awhile there were a few variations running around some that featured Marc’s excellent artwork, others that utilized Pax.  Tachyon has determined which way they want to go and I’m going to have the audio book and ebook follow that – so I’ll announce that “official” cover soon.
  • The final interior layout is done, and I’m reviewing it now. This was another one of those things that we went round and round about…I can be a picky sob. But Tachyon has been very accommodating, as usual, and I think it’s looking wonderful.
  • People are pre-ordering!!  So thanks so much for that. In a few weeks I’ll be announcing a pre-order campaign where those that pre-order can get some free stuff (bookmarks, book plates, a free short story, and even a one-on-one conversation with me)

So yeah, a lot of “stay tuned” but also a lot of movement.  It won’t be too much longer!