Bloggers weighing in on Hollow World

Advanced reading copies have gone out to a number of reviewers and I couldn’t be happier with what they have been saying about the book.  What have they said?  Well here are some choice comments:

“I’m happy to report that not only does Hollow World establish Sullivan as a force to be reckoned with in any genre he chooses to ply his talent to, it also is a prime example of one of the reasons speculative fiction is so important.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“This book made me laugh. It also made me cry. And in the end, it made me think. I highly recommend Hollow World for anyone looking for a book that brushes on and plays out some political and social issues we face today.” — N.E. White (SFFWorld)
“This is a clever and thought-provoking story, with loads of interesting ideas, some adrenalin-pumping action and plenty of humour…overall an entertaining read with Pax being one of my favourite characters of the year.” — Pauline M. Ross (Fantasy Review Barn)
“Hollow World is an excellent and thought provoking novel that tackles big issues yet does so in such a way to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions once they reach the end of this thoughtful, entertaining and compelling science fiction murder mystery.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“The writing flowed easy, and with an edge of humor, Hollow World was a pleasure to read…In the writing, Mr. Sullivan decided to poke several hot buttons. This fact raised my opinion of the book greatly.” — Jake Elliot (Jake Elliot Fiction)
“Hollow World is one of those old style science fiction books I never really expected to see again…It harkens back to the spirit of authors like H.G Wells, in a time where the genre is mostly space opera and military sci-fi…Hollow World is the sort of big idea science fiction I enjoy reading.” — Christopher Mansell (A Writer’s Side Quest)
“Sullivan questions our assumptions about our society as a whole that makes this one of the best novels, I’ve read this year.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“Sullivan’s “Hollow World” is a nice piece of classic science fiction from the well regarded fantasy author. It has the classic feel of a book by Edgar R. Burroughs with a taste of the futurism of Asimov…I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to the classic feel of science fiction with a socially sensitive context.” — Jeremy Scofield (ReadMill)
“I’ve been enjoying Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria fantasy novels for a couple of years so I was very interested to see his take on Time Travel SF. Good news, his hand with character and emotion carry over quite well. A novel that begins with sorrow and regret becomes a story of wonder and discovery that is at turns compelling and intriguing. Hollow World is set in a future barely recognizable from the world Ellis Rogers hopes to leave behind when he pushes the button on his home-made time machine. Inherit in time travel stories is how nothing ever goes as expected, and even with that ‘expectation’ Sullivan manages to spin a new tale. This one is turning out to be a real keeper.” — Rob H. Bedford (SFFWorld)
“If you are a fan of novels that leave you thinking about the world you live in and your place in it, or just a fan of character driven stories that aren’t afraid to take chances, then this is a book for you.” — Matt Gilliard (52 Reviews)
“This is social science fiction that H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov could have written, with the cultural touchstones of today. A modernized classic, Hollow World is the perfect novel for both new and nostalgic science fiction readers.” — Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review)

Oh, and I should mention…if you want a chance at free limited edition hardcover copies then there are contests still going on:


Missed the Kickstarter? Win Free Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Hollow World Hardcovers

coverOne of the truly great things about doing the Kickstarter was getting hardcover copies. So far my books have only been released in trade paperbacks, and while I love the format, it’s just not as cool as hardcovers. Especially Limited Edition Hardcovers.

Not all of the 250 copies of the Hollow World hardcover were sold as part of the Kickstarter, so with Christmas coming I thought it made sense to do a giveaway. I’m having a raffle for 4 copies of these really beautiful books in two different contests:


You can enter one or both (to double your chances of winning).  You can even have your copy dedicated if you wish.  All copies will ship December 6, 2013 so you can have them in time for holiday gift giving, so even if you already participated in the Kickstarter you can get a copy to give to a loved one.  I’ll even gift wrap and mail directly to the recipient if that’s what you wish.

I’m really excited about the Hollow World Release, and it seems like April just won’t come fast enough, but for four lucky winners, they’ll get copies in December – which should make for a nice holiday.

(Cover by Marc Simonetti & Michael J. Sullivan)

Hollow World Extended Preview Making the Top 100 Lists

The Free Hollow World Extended preview has hit every list that is available for.  As of right now it is:

  • #3 in Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Men’s Adventure
  • #12 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
  • #12 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Genetic Engineering
  • #53 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
  • #58 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Dystopian

I do hope people are enjoying the first four chapters of the book. If you haven’t gotten your copy then you can from here:

Or email me and let me know what format you prefer

Free preview of Hollow World is now available

I’d like to thank the people who helped me get the Hollow World Extended Preview free on Amazon.  In an early post I told people not to buy the extended preview because I didn’t want them to be charged the $0.99 for something that my intention was to give away for free, and because of Amazon’s “price matching” feature we’ve done just that!  So if you want to read the first 4 chapters (66 pages) of Hollow World you can do so with no charge from the following sites:

Unfortunately I’ve not been successful with Barnes and Noble – but my publisher is trying to get a free copy through their distributor so we’ll see if they are successful at that.  In the meantime, you can get a free copy directly from me simply by emailing with the subject line: FREE Hollow World Preview.

If you do get the extended preview, please let me know what you think. I’m anxious for feedback 😉

Couldn’t ask for better than that

Reviews…I’m not sure about all authors, I know some that refuse to look at any of them, good or bad, but I read them…yes even the bad ones. For me it’s an important piece of feedback, and sometimes I learn more from the critical ones then the ones that praise.

I ran across this review from Jermy Scofield on Readmill:

Sullivan’s “Hollow World” is a nice piece of classic science fiction from the well regarded fantasy author. It has the classic feel of a book by Edgar R. Burroughs with a taste of the futurism of Asimov. The characters are likable and well developed in this short novel. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to the classic feel of science fiction with a socially sensitive context.

Only a few short words, but man does it pack a wallop. This is the type of review you only dream of getting. I can’t wait for more.

Speaking of which, I and Tachyon Publications have finished our edits on Hollow World and we are in the process of getting ARC’s printed and the novel available through NetGalley. I’m also going to be working on the schedule for a blog tour, so if you are a blogger and would like

  • a guest post by me
  • to conduct an interview
  • receive an advanced review copy

please drop me a line. Anyone who knows me knows how much I admire and respect the blogging community. They are one of the key reasons that I can write for a living, and the time and effort they put into united readers and writers is nothing short of amazing. So to all you bloggers out there, my heartfelt thanks to you for all that you do.