About Piracy

Some readers are curious regarding an author’s policy toward piracy. Each person has their own perspective, so I thought I would make my feelings known. I think it is folly for me, or any publisher, to try to stop piracy. It’s impossible to prevent—period. DRM is easily strippable by those who pirate intellectual property, and those that buy legally are the only ones harmed by its inclusion. For the convenience of my readers, I distribute any ebooks that I retain rights to DRM-free.

I also believe that obscurity is a bigger problem than the loss of revenue from a pirated book. Therefore, the best thing I can do is think of pirated material as a kind of promotional cost. So please, if you’ve received this ebook without paying for it, and you enjoy the read, consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or telling a friend how much you liked it. At least then you’ll be making a contribution for something you didn’t pay for financially.

As to those who argue that they should be able to read the entire book before deciding whether they should pay for it, I think that argument is a rationalization for something you know is wrong. Again, I can’t stop the practice, but neither will I condone it. There are sample chapters freely available and I’ve even released an extended preview that gives you the first four chapters (about 60 pages) for free. That should be more than enough to evaluate the quality of the book’s production and determine whether it would be something you’d be interested in.

For those that believe any expression of art should be freely available to the masses, and as such, you shouldn’t have to pay for books, movies, and music, I feel you are working against your goal. In such an environment, you’d get a world with less art. By your reasoning, every artist must have a day job to put food on their tables and pay their bills…then create art in their spare time when they are tired and exhausted. It is extremely difficult to produce quality work this way. If you enjoy reading, then you should want your favorite authors to produce more books. The best way to ensure that is to compensate them for writing and allow them more time to create.

I have heard from pirates who say they will buy books they have enjoyed, because they want to support the author. If this is something that you do, then I ask you to please buy a paper copy, because it supports not only myself but my publisher as well. Even if you don’t read paper, you’ll get a legal ebook copy and can pass the physical book onto a friend or donate it to a library. I know that there are some who don’t like paying money to “big faceless companies” but this book is produced by Tachyon Publications, a small, independent organization that is ABSOLUTELY treating authors the way they should. I want to do all I can to reward such right thinking behavior, and if you are a supporter of authors, then helping to make Tachyon a success is a good way to do exactly that.

Please keep in mind that writing is what I do for a living, and just as I don’t expect other professionals to give me the fruits of their labor for free, my hope is that people will want to compensate me for the work I do.

Lastly, for those who read the ebook legally, I thank you for your support. It’s readers, and the money they pay for books, that make my writing possible. So thank you for me and for supporting other authors. They provide us all with hours of entertainment, and that is worth paying for.


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