The Plan

So, here’s how I’m going to bring about making Hollow World a reality:
  • Currently, Hollow World has been completely written and I have feedback and notes from more than a dozen beta readers
  • I’ve provided Marc with my conceptualization of what I want for the cover and have given him the go-ahead to start
  • I’ll be providing Betsy with the modified version of Hollow World for editing
  • I’ll launch a Kickstarter project to run March 4th to April 4th where people can pre-order their copies of Hollow World (My goal is to raise the $5,000 for the production costs, but hopefully a bit more to provide me with an “advance” as if it had been traditionally published.
  • In June or July all those who bought in during the Kickstarter will receive their copies of the official and final version of Hollow World
  • On January 17th Hollow World will go on sale through the major retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ibookstore, etc) for purchase by everyone else.
  • If after a year of self-publishing I sell enough copies to prove that the publishers were wrong, I’ll entertain the possibility of signing it as I had done with The Riyria Revelations

A Note About Timing

My current contract with Orbit has certain stipulations regarding when I can and cannot publish other works.  The idea is the publisher wants to ensure that buyers won’t be distracted by buying other products from me while their books are being rolled out.  This is part of a non-compete clause which is very common in the industry.

I’ve signed a two book contract with Orbit. The first of which comes out August 6, 2013, and the second is being released September 17th. Contractually,  I can’t publish any other books between April 7, 2013 and January 16, 2014.  This means there is a rather long period where I can’t put out any other b00ks.  My hope is that the KickStarter will provide me some income to provide a buffer to carry me thorough this time.  My alternative was to rush the release of Hollow World so that I could get it live by April 7th, but I wanted this book to be “right” rather than “fast.”  To insure the quality of the product, I’m planning on the official release to be after the blackout window as opposed to before. If the Kickstarter fails to fund, or if it only “barely covers” the expenses, I have set aside some money to help pay my bills until January 2014.

The nice thing is that people who do support the KickStarter will get the official and final version of Hollow World six months before everyone else.


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