Hollow World will officially be released on April 15, 2014. Because I have retained the ebook rights, anyone who purchases a print or audio version will receive DRM-free ebook(s)  at no cost.  Plus, if you pre-order, you’ll get the ebooks(s) one month early! For those wishing to ensure I receive the highest income from their purchase, please consider ordering direct from my online store. You’ll get a nice discount (15% off), and if you are ordering print versions, I’ll sign (and dedicate if you wish) the book. To receive your free ebook(s) simply email me a copy of your receipt to the following:

  • To:
  • Subject: Hollow World pre-order
  • Body: Format(s) you wish to receive: .mobi (kindle), .epub (Nook & Apple), .pdf (computers & tablets)

NOTE: At this time, Amazon does not provide a means for providing pre-orders on books through their DTP program. So, while the link will take you to a page in the store, there will be no buy button at this time.  However, you can still pre-order for the kindle direct from my store.  Simply specify .mobi as the preferred format.

Here are some easy links for some of the most popular places to buy Hollow World:

US Audio
Free ebooks with purchase of print or audio versions

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