Hollow World Extended Preview Making the Top 100 Lists

The Free Hollow World Extended preview has hit every list that is available for.  As of right now it is:

  • #3 in Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Men’s Adventure
  • #12 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
  • #12 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Genetic Engineering
  • #53 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
  • #58 in Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Dystopian

I do hope people are enjoying the first four chapters of the book. If you haven’t gotten your copy then you can from here:

Or email me and let me know what format you prefer


Free preview of Hollow World is now available

I’d like to thank the people who helped me get the Hollow World Extended Preview free on Amazon.  In an early post I told people not to buy the extended preview because I didn’t want them to be charged the $0.99 for something that my intention was to give away for free, and because of Amazon’s “price matching” feature we’ve done just that!  So if you want to read the first 4 chapters (66 pages) of Hollow World you can do so with no charge from the following sites:

Unfortunately I’ve not been successful with Barnes and Noble – but my publisher is trying to get a free copy through their distributor so we’ll see if they are successful at that.  In the meantime, you can get a free copy directly from me simply by emailing with the subject line: FREE Hollow World Preview.

If you do get the extended preview, please let me know what you think. I’m anxious for feedback 😉

Couldn’t ask for better than that

Reviews…I’m not sure about all authors, I know some that refuse to look at any of them, good or bad, but I read them…yes even the bad ones. For me it’s an important piece of feedback, and sometimes I learn more from the critical ones then the ones that praise.

I ran across this review from Jermy Scofield on Readmill:

Sullivan’s “Hollow World” is a nice piece of classic science fiction from the well regarded fantasy author. It has the classic feel of a book by Edgar R. Burroughs with a taste of the futurism of Asimov. The characters are likable and well developed in this short novel. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to the classic feel of science fiction with a socially sensitive context.

Only a few short words, but man does it pack a wallop. This is the type of review you only dream of getting. I can’t wait for more.

Speaking of which, I and Tachyon Publications have finished our edits on Hollow World and we are in the process of getting ARC’s printed and the novel available through NetGalley. I’m also going to be working on the schedule for a blog tour, so if you are a blogger and would like

  • a guest post by me
  • to conduct an interview
  • receive an advanced review copy

please drop me a line. Anyone who knows me knows how much I admire and respect the blogging community. They are one of the key reasons that I can write for a living, and the time and effort they put into united readers and writers is nothing short of amazing. So to all you bloggers out there, my heartfelt thanks to you for all that you do.

Hollow World Extended Preview is Available


It may still be awhile until April 15th’s official release of Hollow World, but if you are anxious to find out what it is about, you can start reading it now. Tachyon Publications has finished their edits, and I’ve created an extended preview which contains the first four chapters of the book (66 pages).  The extended preview is FREE  on Amazon (US),  the ibookstore, and Kobo.  There are a few sites where I’ve not been able to get it available for free (and they are priced the lowest allowed in those cases.  But don’t buy them there…you can receive a copy just by emailing me with the subject: Hollow World Extended Preview.

I hope that people take me up on the free preview offer. It will give you a good feel for the book, and the hope of course is that if you like it enough, you’ll want to read the whole thing when it is officially released.  Also, if you have any feedback on the preview, please leave some comments on Amazon, Goodreads, or send me an email. I’m anxiously waiting to hear what people think about this book.

Has it really been six months?!

I’ve recently released my two Riyria Chronicle books, The Crown Tower (Aug 6) and The Rose and the Thorn (Sep 17). With that behind me it’s time to turn my attention to my next project: Hollow World!

Looking back, I can’t believe that the last time I posted to this blog was when the Kickstarter was still running. So much has happened since then. Today’s post will be a quick summary to catch everyone up so going forward I can be a little more current with what is going on. So let’s go.

  • The Kickstarter ended in an amazing success at over 1000% of goal!  There were some “back door contributions” for people who “just missed” so that more than 875 people got in on the fun raising more than $31,000.
  • Betsy and two copy editors did an exceptional job with the editing and I’m really please with how it came out.
  • Ebooks were sent out at the end of July to the eligible Kickstarter contributors
  • Screen savers and short stories went out in August
  • Books started shipping in September and they are almost all out. Hopefully this will be wrapped up in a few days.
  • I sold the print rights to Tachyon Publication – which is great because paper readers will be able to get the books in their local bookstores or libraries. As few authors get the coveted “print-only deal” this was a big thing for me.
  • I sold the audio rights to Recorded Books who have done such an amazing job with the Riyria Revelations. I can’t wait to hear what this book will sound like

That’s the quick summation that takes us from the last post to here. I’ll flesh out some of these points in more details as we go forward.  I’m very excited about Hollow World and I hope you will be too!

13 Hours to go


Well the last day has finally arrived.  We now have just 13 hours to go and it’s been an amazing experiment. Here’s some data:

  • Currently we are at $27,898
  • $2,700 was raised just yesterday
  • We’ve unlocked 13 of the stretch goals
  • We are the #1 most funded project single novel project on Kickstarter
  • Hollow World is #10 most funded fiction project
  • There are 768 backers (I expected about 200)
  • We are funded at 929% of the original goal

As I write this Betsy Mitchel is doing the structural editing.  I also have a ton of highly qualified candidates in for the copy editing and I’ve got my suppliers lined up for bookmarks, posters, and shipping materials.  It’s all incredibly exciting and I’m so glad I took a chance and did it.  More updates as the day progresses.

61 Hours and Counting


It’s hard to believe that we are down to the last 2 days of the Kickstarter. To say that this has been an  eye-opening experience would be an understatement.  I really was just trying to do a bit of an experiment. Something that I had heard others doing and wanted to see what it would be like. I originally wanted $3,000 and as of this minute that amount has been exceeded by $20,000.  I’m often amazed that when I talk about hybrid authorship with many traditionally published authors they show little interest.  Reasons cited often include:

  • I have no idea how
  • You have to be lucky to succeed in self-publishing
  • It’s too much work
  • I don’t have the funds
  • Money should flow to the author
  • I rely on my advances

It seems to me that what this Kickstarter has proven is the last three bullets can be achieved, not by having the publishers being the funding source, but by having your readers step up to fill that role…and they are happy to do so.  No one is twisting their arm, or putting a gun to their head, they like what you have produced in the past, and feel good about helping to make future work a reality.

I know many authors whose first contract had advances in the $5,000 – $15,000 range.  Sadly their second contract offers have been about the same or marginally better.  That means that Hollow World did better on its own than many authors are seeing through traditional publishing.  That’s a pretty exciting development.    I’ll be 100% honest, it’s not replacing what I had desired for an advance. I  predicted that Hollow World should earn about $75,000 in first year ebook profit, and based on this, I suggested a range of possible contracts/rights:

  • $0 for print-only
  • $35,000 for a North American print and ebook
  • $55,000 for World English print and ebook

But here’s the thing…I didn’t expect ANY advance.  And now I’m more than 50% to my North American goal and the book is still in editing.  As I mentioned before I’m going to write-up what I did, and some observations about Kickstarter when all is said and done. My hope is that authors who aren’t getting the deals they want…or worse yet, the ones who have shelved manuscripts that were turned down, will look at this as an example and perhaps take a chance themselves.  Bottom line…I’m all about authors doing what they love for a living, and the more the better as far I’m concerned.

It truly is a new day for writers and opportunities abound.  I hope others will seize the day and start thinking outside the box.  In the end it will be good for both them and readers.


Copy editors good and bad

I’m in the process of interviewing copy editors to work on Hollow World. I’m still hoping to get the editors that Orbit has used in the past, but my agent needs to obtain that contact information and she has been in Germany for several weeks. To ensure I’m not left hanging I’m also looking elsewhere.

I placed a small ad on the job board at the American Copy Editors Society. I’ve sent a few pages of Hollow World out, and they return it edited to see if our styles align. Most have been very good.  One so far has been down right hilarious.

I like copy editors that fix my hundreds of mistakes and make me look better.  For instance an example from The Crown Tower:

  • Mine:  The cords of Grue’s throat stood out from the strain.
  • Editor’s: The cords of Grue’s neck stood out from the strain.

A simple change, for certain, but oh so much better. This was something I wouldn’t have caught myself so my editor has just saved me from embarrassment.  Thank you!

Like doctors, the first rule of editing  should be “do no harm.” For me, personally, the worst copy editor is the wannabe writer who tries to “fix” your writing by augmentation. I may not be the best writer in the world, and by no means do I think my prose is sacrosanct. But for the love of God and country don’t do this to me:

Mine: Her smile appeared less forced then.

Editor’s: Maybe it was his imagination, but he sensed that her smile appeared less forced.

Now granted mine wasn’t going to win me a Pulitzer, but it was succinct and efficient and got its job done.  Why did this editor feel that he needed all the qualifiers?  Even politicians don’t waffle that much. He removed the single word “then” and added 9 words that did nothing but hemmed ad hawed.

The above was one of his most minor transgressions.  Another one of my favorites.  When describing the color of the cabinets in the doctor’s office I mentioned they probably came in choices of gray or white. But the editor felt those color choices weren’t sufficient so made them “pallid white or cadaverous gray.”  Really?  Seriously?  First off pallid is defined as “abnormally deficient in color” which is what white is – so using both is just redundant. Make something pallid or white but not pallid white. But cadaverous…I’m glad I was drinking at the time as I would have snorted milk.

Okay, enough venting…I promise you Hollow World will be properly edited no cadavers in my colors.  I’m off to do some writing in Rhune.


Hollow World Excerpt Posted

Keeping in mind this hasn’t been edited yet (that’s part of what the Kickstarter is paying for), so it may be slightly changed in the final version I thought I should at least get an excerpt out there so that people can get a feel for the book. I’ve posted it in two places:

For all you “writerly types” I’m also going to be doing a deconstruction of it’s opening paragraph so you can see my thought process as to why I do what I did.