Hollow World pre-orders putting it on the Time Travel Bestseller List

Well it looks like we finally got Amazon fixed and you can now once again pre-order Hollow World.  The broken page with the old ISBN is gone, and I’m hoping the pre-orders to the  old version has (or will) move over to it.  When checking out the page it was nice to see that the book is making the Time Travel Bestseller list:


It looks nice sitting next to Ian TreGillis’s books:

I took the screen shots as I expect it to disappear from this list pretty quickly…but hopefully it will come back when the book goes into actual release.  Tachyon is working on the final production version of the book, and that will mean a change to the cover but the page count is now accurate and some nice reviews are coming in from the advance readers.  If you are thinking of getting the book, please do consider pre-ordering. It helps the publisher determine the print run and amount of marketing dollars the book will receive, and it also gets the book on these lists which helps with discoverability. Even if  you don’t want to order it now, consider putting it on our wish list (as that also adds some visibility, for instance, right now Hollow World is: #51 on the Time Travel Wish List).

A few things to keep in mind for those considering pre-ordering:

  • All paperback and audio orders will receive DRM free copies of ebook (in as many formats as you desire)
  • Those that pre-order will receive the ebook in mid March – a full month before the official release
  • I’ll provide signed bookmarks and book plates for those that pre-order (more about this soon)
  • Current pre-order discount is 24% off.  That’s just $12.12.
  • If the price goes down before the release, you’ll get the lower price
  • Links to pre-order from a number of sites can be found here.
  • I offer pre-orders from my own website (both print and ebook). I’ll even sign and dedicate them if you wish. Even with the 15% discount I give, I still receive more money per book as buying direct cuts out the distributor’s share.  Tachyon still gets their full payment (as I buy the books wholesale from them). Here is a link.

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