Missed the Kickstarter? Win Free Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Hollow World Hardcovers

coverOne of the truly great things about doing the Kickstarter was getting hardcover copies. So far my books have only been released in trade paperbacks, and while I love the format, it’s just not as cool as hardcovers. Especially Limited Edition Hardcovers.

Not all of the 250 copies of the Hollow World hardcover were sold as part of the Kickstarter, so with Christmas coming I thought it made sense to do a giveaway. I’m having a raffle for 4 copies of these really beautiful books in two different contests:


You can enter one or both (to double your chances of winning).  You can even have your copy dedicated if you wish.  All copies will ship December 6, 2013 so you can have them in time for holiday gift giving, so even if you already participated in the Kickstarter you can get a copy to give to a loved one.  I’ll even gift wrap and mail directly to the recipient if that’s what you wish.

I’m really excited about the Hollow World Release, and it seems like April just won’t come fast enough, but for four lucky winners, they’ll get copies in December – which should make for a nice holiday.

(Cover by Marc Simonetti & Michael J. Sullivan)

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