Free preview of Hollow World is now available

I’d like to thank the people who helped me get the Hollow World Extended Preview free on Amazon.  In an early post I told people not to buy the extended preview because I didn’t want them to be charged the $0.99 for something that my intention was to give away for free, and because of Amazon’s “price matching” feature we’ve done just that!  So if you want to read the first 4 chapters (66 pages) of Hollow World you can do so with no charge from the following sites:

Unfortunately I’ve not been successful with Barnes and Noble – but my publisher is trying to get a free copy through their distributor so we’ll see if they are successful at that.  In the meantime, you can get a free copy directly from me simply by emailing with the subject line: FREE Hollow World Preview.

If you do get the extended preview, please let me know what you think. I’m anxious for feedback 😉


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