Hollow World Book Trailer

It’s been probably 5 years or more since the last time I tried to make a book trailer.  A lot has changed since then and in general it is easier than it used to be, but still I had to learn some new tools.  My technique was to take some graphics from Marc Simonetti’s design and incorporate some music and headers.  Here is the result:

Please provide me any feedback to make it better.



Kickstarter Planning #1

Now that the cover is done, it’s on to planning the kickstarter. For those who haven’t visited “The Plan” page, the idea is to do a kickstarter to raise some funds to professionally produce Hollow World. When I was previously published, I did my books “on the cheap” – created my own covers, had my wife do the copy editing, went without a structural editor. But I want Hollow World to be every bit as high quality as the books coming from New York so that means having an “actual budget.

I’m trying to keep the goals manageable but figure I should fund $3,000 ($1,500 for the artwork and $1,500 for the editing). I’m in the process of determining the various levels, as well as figuring out my message and what I convey. For the most part, those who contribute will know that they helped make the book possible (yes it’s already written, but by bringing on these professionals It’ll be very high quality. Also, because of the restrictions in my contract, they’ll get the books 6 months before it is made available to purchase by the world at large.

I’m going to have some really nice stretch goals – including prints of Marc’s exceptional artwork and in an ideal world I’ll make enough to not only cover the production costs, but also what I would have gotten as an advance if it had been published traditionally.

I expect to make mistakes, and also learn a lot. But I’m also going to document everything up so that others who do kickstaters in the future might be able to learn from my mistakes and stand on my shoulders. In any case…I’ll keep everyone posted.