New: Patron for Life Pledge Level

To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in such a thing, but Robin thought it would be worth a try and in just a few hours 25% of the spots have been filled. So exactly what is a “Patron for Life”?

Well these 25 people will be hardcore “Sullifans” (no that’s not my term – something that one of them came up with)  and as such they will receive:

  • An ebook of eveything I write from now into the future
  • A faux leather with gold foil stamp edition of Hollow World
  • Their contributions will be acknowledged as a patron for life my future works (if they chose  to be singled out as such)

It costs $250, which is steep I will admit. But as long as I don’t croak over, and keep writing 2 – 3 books a year it might turn out to be a not too bad investment.  I’m just glad that people seem to be liking the possibility. Kickstarter is proving to be a way to offer perks that is difficult to do in other ways.  I find the whole thing fascinating.

In other news, as I mentioned yesterday, Bradley P. Beaulieu‘s kickstarter has been launched and I’m happy to say it’s already  a huge success. Brad is doing something similar to myself, in that he is taking his work directly to his readers, and as such he is making more than he did when the same titles were being released by his publisher. It’s been less than a day and already he is just $796 from being fully funded. That’s over $4,200 pledge to help him bring out his third and final book in his series in style. I just love seeing authors going unconventional routes.  For any of my readers who have also contributed to Brad…I just wanted to thank you for that.


4 thoughts on “New: Patron for Life Pledge Level

  1. I think It’s the bargain of the month and everyone who enjoys your work and has a $250 laying around should jump on it before you wise up and increase your price. By my math, at 51 and this early in your writing career, you still have a ton of stories to tell. Since I was already a $150 sponsor, at $9.99 every book after the tenth is free!! Fantastic deal that is WAY under priced.

    • Haha – Kerry I’m glad you feel that way – When Robin raised the possibility I thought she was strike raving nuts…I told her, “No one would go for such a thing.” Once more she has proved me wrong…as usual.

    • Because there are only a limited number of spots, you need to “claim one” – just go in and modify your pledge – the amount you type in is a “total” not “additive” Once it is over the 250 then you can claim that reward.

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