Looks like the posters reward will be a reality – we’re close to next stretch goal.

Just $1,705 away from the next stretch goal – which means that there will be posters of Marc’s exceptional artwork – I think this will be awesome! Contributions yesterday were really slow, but I’m not complaining as this has already done more than I had expected. At the current funding the kickstarter has already produced enough money to cover:

The production costs usually picked up by the publisher
A $5,000 advance (which is a common amount for a debut novel)
I’m hoping that more authors, particularly those who have been traditionally published, and end up shelving a book that isn’t picked up will see this as a possible way to get books out that were turned down by their publishers.

It’s also encouraging to get the emails and see posts where people are expressing their excitement for getting the books early. I’m also looking forward to this as I’ll get to hear feedback that much earlier. It’s hard writing a book and waiting for a year or more before you hear what people think of it.

Well that’s it for today…I”m back to writing Rhune.


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