The kickstarter response has been incredible

Well it’s only been live for just over four days and the Hollow World Kickstarter has been a huge success.  Some information:

  •  Fully funded in the first 17 hours
  • Hit the first stretch goal in just a few days
  • Passed the 200% of funding yesterday
  • Over 200 backers and at 240% right now
  • 73% toward the next stretch goal

Thanks everyone for your support.

As with most things you do the first time I made some mistakes.  I’ll be putting this all together in a free download document but for now I just have time to mention some of the stuff I learned:

  • Carefully proof your video – I have a typo and because you can’t “change out” a video on YouTube I would have to post a new one, delete the old one, fix links in Kickstarter, and lose the views of the first one.  Also…I’ve liked the video to the book in goodreads and you can’t delete a video yourself (even if you are a librarian) you have to go through goodreads people to do that.  So for now I’m keeping it up with the typo. 
  • Although my intention was that the print books had free shipping I didn’t make that crystal clear so some people thought they would be charged for shipping. Next time I’ll make this more clear.
  • When posting the size of the poster/prints of Marc’s artwork I specified only inches – some people overseas had no idea what size that was so I had to go in and update to indicate size in centimeters as well
  • I didn’t list my current books – Doh!  Great opportunity for advertising that I completely missed.
  • I didn’t have links to some sample chapters of my other works

One thing I found that is kind of fun is KickTraq – it has this nifty widget that helps to show other the current status of the project.

Hollow World: a novel by Michael J. Sullivan -- Kicktraq Mini

Well that’s it for today, more updates as things progress.


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