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Marc has continued to work on the cover design.  It’s color scheme “turned a little red” in the next version so I did some modifications of my own to “tone it down”.  I had a few more adjustments to be made.  One of the things that became apparently really quickly, is I didn’t want to cover up his art with my  title or author name.  So I’m thinking of going with something like…



The only problem…while beautiful I’m not sure it has the right “vibe” for the novel.  The problem is this looks like a fantasy, and as a cross-genre piece there is some of that…but really it’s more of a science fiction action thriller and this cover doesn’t  mesh with that.  So, too soon to know exactly what way to go.  But further adjustments to marketing copy and cover are probably warranted.


6 thoughts on “More on covers

  1. I do really like it though. I get that it doesn’t have a SfiFi feel to it though. Once you said it I gotta agree. Something about the black band at the top bugs me a bit too. Otherwise, sharp and classic.

    • Well a few things.

      • #1 – It’s cross genre – with fantasy and science fiction elements (and some others which I don’t want to spoil
        That’s because you are only seeing part of the design – there are other aspects that will address that.
      • #2 – You are not seeing the cover design – just one component of it. Wait until you see it with the fonts and Pax incorporated then I think you’ll feel differently
  2. “One of the things that became apparently really quickly, is I didn’t want to cover up his art with my title or author name.”

    The artwork is beautiful, but don’t make it your darling. It’s the green ground at the bottom of the art that makes it feel very “fantasy.” But it’s also a perfect bottom-banner shape. If you fade that ground into a watermark-banner behind your name, you can get a cool effect while putting more emphasis on the sky, which I think has more of the cross-genre feel you’re after.

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