Turning bad news into an opportunity

Yesterday I received word from my agent that Orbit passed on Hollow World.  My editor at Orbit reports she loved the book, and the writing in general, but science fiction doesn’t sell unless it’s a space opera. Hollow World isn’t a space opera, but it’s a good book—a damn good book.

What does this mean?

Well, this happened to me once before. I wrote what I felt was a great book. My agent agreed, but said there was no market for it so she wouldn’t even try submitting. I accepted this, put the manuscript in the attic and pegging the needle on my tolerance for frustration, gave up my dream of ever being an author.

I gave up for twelve years.

I’m not doing that again.

Just because this book doesn’t fit in a perfect niche—into a predetermined genre form, shouldn’t matter. I believe people love good stories about good characters set in a vividly depicted world, and that genres are only a helpful search tool—and I intend to prove it. I’ve had too many publishers tell me my work has no market. Everyone passed the first time on Riyria, too.

This site is being created to chronicle my return to self-publishing to ensure that Hollow World gets it chance to find readers who will love it as much as I.


3 thoughts on “Turning bad news into an opportunity

  1. A good story is a good story, regardless of it’s celestial proximity or operatic status. I’m not the most knowledgeable about what IS and what ISN’T considered “science fiction”, but I sure as hell enjoy good story telling. Let us know what we can do to make this happen!

  2. I think that is actually part of the problem because in the “strictness definition” it is “science fiction” but it doesn’t read like “science fiction.” It reads like a “Michael Sullivan book.” Yes it has some of it occurring in the future, and yes there is technology and we see how this technology has effected society. But it’s also just a good adventure about an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances. In a world where there is no crime, who better than a thriller reader from Detroit to help solve the crime 😉

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